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Fleury's Auto Body Repair Testimonials

In a 3rd party Performance Feedback survey of 83 Fleury's Auto Body Repair customers over a 3 month period, 100% of customers indicated satisfaction with the paint job, the body repair, and the speed in which their repair was finished. 99% of customers rated the way they were treated by Fleury's Auto Body Repair as an 8 out of 10 or better. Some of the comments offered freely by survey recipients:


  • "I have been going to this body shop for 30 years because they do great work. Jim told me the next day it was done. Everything looked like new. They were polite and handled it in a professional manner."

    -Randall, Mukwonago WI

  • "I can not tell there was any damage. My friends saw the work and said "Wow, nice job". They were polite and professional."

    - Tom, East Troy WI

  • "A friend recommended this shop. They were done five days early. They did a fantastic job."

    - Roy, Mukwonago WI

  • "I am a repeat customer at this shop. I was very happy with everything that this shop did. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

    - James, Big Bend WI